April 24th | F*ck your art fair, let’s party!

April 24th | F*ck your art fair, let’s party!

Closing night for CONVERSIONs will feature THREE unique performances from  Alison Ward, BANDWAGON and the collaborative efforts of Spanic Attack and La sovietiKa.

Alison Ward


Beastly Beauty, performance stillBeastly Beauty, performance still

Beastly Beauty, performance stillBeastly Beauty, performance still

My work draws on many cultures, from ancient to modern day. I use masks and costumes to evoke a sense of otherness while simultaneously commenting on modes and cultural icons that are seen in daily life. I have spent years studying dance and ritual in such countries as the Cote D’Ivoire, Sudan, Ethiopia and Brazil, and have been greatly influenced by these modes of expression. Much of my work strives to take the feeling, humor, and sexuality so prevalent in these forms of expression, and translate it into a language that is specifically American. To do this, I create costumes and rituals that reference wrestling, slapstick physical comedy of the silent film era, and burlesque.  The Beastly Beauty loosely references ritual dance, WWE style wrestling, boxing, and silent film era humor. To create the piece, I incorporated the idea of Paparazzi to not only ensure that I got enough footage, but to comment on the idea of modern spectacle. The photographers and videographers were instructed to be aggressive and participate in the performance, which encouraged other, non-performers to whip out their cameras and do the same. The resulting video appears then to be a documentation of a bizarre tribal ritual, complete with ogling tourists.



Sweet Rhetoric, 2009 production stills from single channel video

Bandwagon is an interdisciplinary art collective based in New York. Its members, José Ruiz (b. 1975, Lima, Peru) and Chad Stayrook (b. 1980, Ohio, USA) both received their MFA degrees from the New Genres Department at the San Francisco Art Institute in 2004. They initially began collaborating by assisting one another in their individual art projects and through a series of curatorial endeavors. One day in 2008, they both reached for the same hammer at the exact time and knew it was time to become an “official” group. Since then, the hammer has disappeared but the synched reach still remains.
Bandwagon seeks to create and amass ephemera from the collective experience through loosely defined methods of production and intervention. Guests and participants are often the subject of such works within situations they are only slightly aware of. Using the fringe as a starting point, the group embraces unsanctioned and unendorsed platforms for which to elevate the outlook and sentiment of others. These guys really do care.

Spanic Attack & La SovietiKa



La sovietiKaLa sovietiKa

'Spanic Attack‘Spanic Attack

La Sovietika is a mix of merengue, house, palos, bomba, ga-ga, soukouss and good ol’ rock n roll. Their live performances are full-on, hip-shaking orgies powered by a raw musical sound. Jose Stallion – vox Robert Julian – guitar Jorge Subervi – bass Danny Guillen – percussion Jose Madera – drums

‘Spanic Attack is a multi-arts collective allied through a Latin/o American* sensibility. A New York City based organism that serves as communicative link between diverse scenes of emergent and independent art, wherever they may be. Partakers in the mingling of creative media, we produce and present arte-facts and collaborative events that underline the continuity of genres from poetry to film, from dialogue to music to parties. Our network aspires to offer viable tactics to elegantly transcend the lived solitude of migrant artists when confronted by the annoying strategies of industry and the false stereotype that art without sponsorship is non-viable. The easiest stance is to stay within the bombardment of art from the surface. If sometimes it seems we can’t find one another it’s precisely because we refuse to seek each other out.


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