April 17th | Give Me the Night…

April 17th | Give Me the Night…

Saturday, April 17th presents Give Me the Night… featuring 4 unique works of performance.

Mishmash Slapdash Theatre - performance still, 2009Fluorescent Sunshine

Fluorescent Sunshine  – Janelle Iglesias & Tara Pelletier

Fluorescent Sunshine
is the collaboration of Janelle Iglesias and Tara Pelletier, two visual artists who met in the glorious summer of 2009. They came together to create Mishmash Slapdash Theatre, a theatrical project for creating puppet shows that have no ending. By connecting different styles and aesthetics of puppetry, performance and object making, it is a place where anything can happen and anything goes. They write stories of magical transparency, creating a space where illusions break down and there is a nuanced honesty in the performance. Through a low tech and handmade aesthetic, Fluorescent Sunshine privileges an intimate physicality rather than a detached slickness; it is way of being inventive and whimsical without special effects. They are currently working on their newest installment of The (Magnificent) Adventures of Sweetbitter: A series of causes by effect.

Devin Kenny

Devin KKenny is the musical moniker of interdisciplinary artist Devin Kenny. Engaged in the space between the do-it-yourself ethos of punk and hiphop along with the social commentary of critical theory, and grown folks wisdom, the work often is concerned with the space of discourse and celebration along with the role of a song as a platform for communicating ideas as well as affect. He’s into flipping the script and the content of forms.

Wanda Raimundi Ortiz

Raimundi-Ortíz has produced a body of work that defies simple categorization in formal approach and narrative content. As an interdisciplinary artist, she has created costumes, illustrations, installations, mixed media, murals, paintings, performances, poems, and videos to address and explore the complexities of feminism, personal narrative, and Puerto Rican and Nuyorican culture. She has constructed her own personal stage, a crossroads of multi-layering disciplines, where she is free to use whatever creative processes and different formats in ways she sees fit to realize a project. The focus of her work remains on her heritage as a Puerto Rican woman and addresses the climate of Latinas in society.

Robinchan, 2009 - performance stillRobinchin – 2009, Performance Still

Jacolby Satterwhite

My work uses the body as a site to repurpose, challenge and transform social   myths and rituals such as the heroism, science fiction, Pygmalion effect, and theology. The work is generated through collaboration with my mother who often sings the soundtrack. She also draws schematic diagrams that loosely influence some of the ideas and costumes in the work. The transformation of social myth can be created through imposing contemporary concepts onto classical ideas, or by the replacement of the heternormative body with a queer and black body.


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