April 10th | Synthetic Zero presents…

April 10th | Synthetic Zero presents…

Synthetic Zero presents… brings a full evening of film & video works, and experimental visual media.

Selected Artists

Burt Barr | Chuleta | Eva Davidova | Meredith Drum | Nicky Enright | Victoria Fu | Avi Krispin | Liz Magic Laser | Dafna Maimon | Christy Speakman

more artists TBA

Since 2003,  Mitsu Hadeishi has hosted Synthetic Zero events in his loft in Mott Haven as a way of helping to share art, experimental film, performance, and music in a low-key atmosphere, inspired by the spirit of the DIY scene in the Pacific Northwest, where he came from. He’s been curating these events in the Bronx and in other parts of New York City. He has shown such artists as Miranda July, Traci Tullius, Jessica Danser, Jane Hsu, Michael Betancourt, Isolde Kille, Imagination Explosion, Potter-Belmar Labs, Michelle Rosenberg, Matt McCormick, Eugenia Chun, and many others.


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